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Monday, March 14, 2011

Endless Work Days

No longer the land of opportunity

No longer the haven for the free

No more democracy

Pharmaceutical companies peddling our complacency

Oil companies living off our misery

The greed taking everything away

We have entered the age of corporate policy

Unchecked Capitalism becoming the ideology 

The story of the down trodden

The eyes tell the story of obligation

Their lives spent working for the machine

The life of middle class poverty

The endless ocean of work days

The time spent away

The prices they have to pay

The families led astray

The homes taken away

Perhaps a revolution is the way

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Forest

His breath falling heavy in the moonlit forest, tired and cold he wanders in the darkness

Lost and scared with shadows stalking him and ravens mocking him

days have passed with no hint of light he feels himself loosing this fight

near the edge of nowhere he sees something bright, being a torch light

Flame burning bright not one but two, illuminating the night

feelings of hope... 

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Flying high above her

My lungs full of crisp

Clean air

I look down upon

Nature's creation

A creation of beauty, peace and solitude

A tear forms in my eye

And I ask myself


Flying high above her

My lungs full of dirty

Stale air

I look down upon

Mans creation

A creation of rust, lust and no trust

A tear forms in my eye 

And I ask myself 



The Savage Garden

Haunting me, tormenting me

Broken relationships

Suicide attempts

Lost in this garden

Of thorns

She comes to me

A ghost that dances

Alone in the

Pale moonlight

Her smile cures

My wounds

Her touch makes

My heart feel

So much

Together we dance

In the garden of thorns

Like ghosts in the pale

Moon light


Caught in the whirlwind

She spins round and round

Heart beating with excitement

Body starving for enticement

Trapped in the whirlwind

The whirlwind of false dreams

The whirlwind of true screams

Fleeting glimpses of her lost love

Fly by like a white dove…

She spins round and round

Until her soul is broken

Thrown upon the ground

Her body left as nothing other

Than a tattered mess

Of crimson flesh…

All that remains

Is fleeting glimpses

Of her lost

Love like

A white



Eyes shut tight

Body putting up a fight

In the darkness of the night

Chill wind dancing upon his skin

Echoes of insanity playing in his brain

Sounds of the train making its claim

His veins a roadmap of pain

His thoughts a rush of narcotic

His heart broken and chaotic

His soul tired and beaten

His release a mile approaching

His body vibrating with the motion

His ears listening for deaths commotion

His eyes fill with wet emotion

Train fast approaching

Soul Mates

He walks silently in the rain

Cold and wet he shivers with pain

Miles upon miles he wanders

Searching for his lost mate

She was taken one night late

Happy they were

Two soul mates…

The oncoming headlights

The sounds of calamity

Her screams could be heard throughout the night

Until his soul mate could no longer fight

On that night he lost his sanity

Now a mad man hiding from society

He walks silently in the rain

Following his pain