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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Forest

His breath falling heavy in the moonlit forest, tired and cold he wanders in the darkness

Lost and scared with shadows stalking him and ravens mocking him

days have passed with no hint of light he feels himself loosing this fight

near the edge of nowhere he sees something bright, being a torch light

Flame burning bright not one but two, illuminating the night

feelings of hope... 

The Labyrinth

His spirit coming to life, believing in an escape from this tormented landscape

the torch lights burning bright in the night, showing him a path

created by a demented architect who has been long dead

at the very least he can see into the night, the shadows no longer the fright

unknown that his nightmares of a haunt are to become his plight

goblins and ghouls hiding out of sight...


He stops to contemplate

he looks back just to see, then he knows this has to be

follow this path he says, "perhaps I will be free"

torch lights every hundred steps

winding paths branching this way and that way

leading him into the Labyrinth's depths

looking downward he notices footprints

large and deep with claws complete...

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